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Post by AirForceRules21 on Sat Mar 21, 2009 8:43 pm

lol SPAM RULES! How has everything been since my long...vacation... Actually I got a job at Microsoft Studios! I am a tech producer... I get to design games! WOOOOOOT! I am going to try to get Atheros as a character name... I dont get much intel on the games but all I know is it is going to be a RPG like Fallout and Elder Scrolls! I dont get told much at all... I do have my own office! Everyone else gets a cubicle... Probally because I am... LEAD TECH PRODUCER! For one game.... So I dont get it long... I do get to keep my office but I dont get to keep my title... I actually broke my chair yesterday... I leaned back to far and it broke....

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